Monday, May 02, 2005



That was the coolest thing! Bud The Teacher and I have been taking to each other for a while now and about two weeks ago started taking about doing a series of joint podcasts together. Tonight we connected for the first time via Skype. Both of us are newbies to Skype. It was thrilling to hear my friends' voice from Colorado while sitting in my house here in Winnipeg. We hit a few technical snags and just as we sorted them out Bud was called away. We're going to follow it up tomorrow or the next day and finish our series of podcasts. Bud and I will post the podcasts as we finish each one on our blogs, here and there.

Just to whet the appetites of the six of you reading this ;-) here's the list of topics we'll be podcasting about:

  • »Blogs and Blogging
  • »Wikis
  • »Podcasting

That last one will be very postmodern -- podcasting about podcasting. ;-)

I have some reservations about podcasting, but I have to tell you, they're really fun to do .... especially collaboratively. ;-)


Eric Jefcoat said...
3/5/05 23:33  


Well, I'm speaking for my 1/6 :-) and I can tell you that you two better get to work because "we" can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Sounds exciting!

Eric W. Jefcoat
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