Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blog Genealogy


The Politburo Diktat has a post where he's building a family tree of bloggers. It's called "Who's Your Daddy?" It's got me thinking about the people who most influenced my foray into blogging and to whom I'm most grateful.

My blogmother is easy! It's Anne Davis. I can still remember the overwhelming feeling I had reading her post about my first blog. This later evolved into an exchange of email. Without a doubt, Anne was the most nurturing and encouraging blogger I've "met" in my blog lifetime. She still is; may she live to 120!

My blogchildren are easy too. Mrs. German started her own classroom blog following a workshop I gave. And one of my AP Calculus students, Sarah S, started her (most excellent) blog after being in my class for about a month. If I have any other blogchildren I don't know about them yet.

My blogfather is a little harder. I remember having my eyes opened wide by reading Alan Levine's Blogshop tutorial on educational blogs. But my blogfather, the male blogger who offered encouragement and commented on my work on his own blog, spurring me on to greater efforts .... that would have to be Will Richardson. So I guess I have two blogfathers, or maybe a blogfather and a bloguncle. ;-)

How could I forget my first blogchild?!? Terry Kaminski from the GCHS Math Blog. Sorry about that Terry. ;-)


Will said...
30/10/05 07:51  

Wow...I've never been a blogfather before. Thanks for the honor! And thanks for sharing your work with us.

Mr. Kuropatwa said...
30/10/05 12:15  

The honour has been all mine. Thank you.

Mr. Kaminski said...
30/10/05 15:03  

Podchild. Very interesting. I will have to add that to my blog when I get time. Thanks for the thoughts.

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