Don't Throw Out the Powerpoint with the Blogwater

10/18/2005 10:30:00 pm

Since I posted about my upcoming presentation this Friday I've noticed people commenting how excited they are about using a blog as a presentation tool. I am too. One of the best posts I read about this is here. (If you don't read French copy the text and paste it here.)

People seem to be excited about having another way to give a presentation other than using powerpoint. Alan Levine and others have often commented that powerpoint presentations often degenerate into the presenter reading the slides -- we can read, thank you, no need to read it for us. But look at the way Laurence Lessig uses powerpoint in his lectures. This one has become a classic.

Laurence's presentation style is having a real impact on his audience. Watch this presentation on digital identity by Dick Hardt.

These dynamic examples show how to effectively use powerpoint to deliver a powerful message. They also make the prospect of doing a powerpoint presentation exciting again.

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