Friday, November 25, 2005

Layout Problems


If you use Internet Explorer to view this site, you've noticed some formatting issues. This post sits way down the page underneath the right-hand sidebar.

Also, regardless of which browser you're using you'll notice the sidebar RSS feed to the ten latest math additions to the MERLOT database has the table stretching out way past the right hand edge of the sidebar.

This is a plea for help to anyone who might know how I can fix these things. I have no idea why IE is so tempermental -- I use Firefox now and strongly recommend it to anyone who wants my opinion; it's free (my opinion and the browser) and, IMHO, the best browser available on the internet right now.

If you have any idea how I can fix my MERLOT box please leave me a comment here or email me. The table in the MERLOT box is coded like this:

<table width=90% border=1><tr><td align=center><font size=-1><b>
Math Teaching Resources from
<a href="">MERLOT</a></font>
<br><font size=-2>(updated every 12 hours)</font></b> </font></td>
<tr><td><font size=-2>

<!---begin feed from MERLOT math--->
<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<a href="">View RSS feed</a>
<!---end feed from MERLOT math--->


(Psst... Alan... any suggestions?)



An Educational Voyage said...
3/12/05 22:12  

the line on the side bar- OpenDiscreteDynamicProgrammingTemplate - is connected with no blank spaces between the words, the browser doesn't know how to break it up. Go into yor template and put line breaks between the words Dynamic and Programming.
The comment script will not allw me to put the break symbol in.

This is the same problem in your - begin feed from MERLOT math- script.

Hope this helps!

That done, I would like to say that I do enjoy your posts and have bookmarked your feed for a while now. Keep up the great work!


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