Four For My Outboard Brain

2/18/2007 02:11:00 pm

This is a mirror of a post from a new group blog called Striving Readers Kentucky. The post is by RolandOD.

It caught my eye because of the Developing Expert Voices project I'm beginning with my grade 12 Applied Math class. (More about this in my next post ... hopefully later today.)

I'm collecting samples of online presentations whose format my students can emulate or riff off of. None of them have any math in them ... this one does:

To quote Roland:

This group of undergraduate students from Northwestern obviously understands the content. If you want to share this video with your math teacher's I encourage you. Here is a link to the lyrics; just in case they want to explore the math behind the music.

And while I'm storing stuff here (in my outboard brain) for me not to forget let me just add these three vids ...

Another remix of Karl's Did You Know? presentation.

Jeff Utecht's Web 2.0 presentation ...

And this breathtaking video response to Jeff ...

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