We're Going Geocaching

3/24/2007 11:24:00 pm

Spring break has sprung and we just got an eTrex Legend GPSr ... we're going geocaching. If there are any geocachers out there who can answer a few questions for me I'd really appreciate it ...

I have a mac iBook G4. The attachment to connect to the computer that the GPSr came with has an "old school" 9 pin cord. Where can I find a cheap adapter? Also, do I need any special software to download waypoints from geocaching.com? And while we're on the subject, how do you download waypoints directly into the GPSr; I've been doing it manually.

If you have any tips for a new geocaching family with three kids (10 yrs, 6 yrs and 8 months) I'd be much oblidged. We're planning on our first hunt tomorrow. ;-)

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