So. What Can You Do WIth A SmartBoard?

5/01/2007 09:56:00 pm

That was the title of an impromptu talk I gave about how I use the SmartBoard in my classroom last Friday; it was our technology professional development day. I captured the audio to demonstrate how I use the SmartBoard to podcast one of my classes. (The podcast is currently moving from here to it's new home here. This move may be the best way to overcome some technical difficulties I've been having.)

The slides here, after the first three, are from a lesson I had given earlier that week. I used them to demo some of the things I do with the SmartBoard. I did almost no editing of the audio. Anyway, not my most polished presentation but here it is, warts and all. ;-)

There are clickable links embedded in the slide show.

Audio (29 min. 45 sec., 28.6 Mb)

Full screen slides here.

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