Presently Online

9/18/2007 11:09:00 pm

Lani Ritter-Hall and I are doing a Webinar (seminar on the web) for the Discovery Educator Network. The topic is about K12 Online 2007 and building professional learning networks.

Last Tuesday we started putting our presentation together. Lani lives in Ohio, one time zone to the east of me. We really wanted to use an online slideshow/presentation tool that would allow us to build the document live; collaboratively. Today, Google announced the addition of a presentation tool to it's suite of online Google Docs. It has a chat feature built in too so you can share the url of your presentation, add audio using Google Talk and chat live while you take people through your presentation wherever they are in the world. There's even a Google Docs in Plain English video that was published on YouTube last week.

This year I'm encouraging all the teachers in my department to begin looking at ways to incorporate educational technology in their daily teaching. As a first step, I'm publishing various short instructional videos (< 5 min each) to our departmental wiki once each two weeks. We started with Social Bookmarking in Plain English. Today I added this ...

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