Are You Reading?

1/28/2008 12:53:00 pm

I don't have time for this. The pile of papers to mark is too big but I just read Clarence's post about Gary Stager and I can't help asking: "Gary. Are you reading edublogs or just talking about them? Have you seen any of this:"

Pre=Cal 40S (Winter 2005)
Pre-Cal 20S (Fall '05)
Pre-Cal 30S (Fall '05)
Applied Math 40S (Winter '06)
Pre-Cal 40S (Winter '06)
Calculus 45S (Winter '06)
AP Calculus AB ('05-'06)
Pre-Cal 30S (Fall '06)
Pre-Cal 40S (Fall '06)
Applied Math 40S (Winter '07)
Pre-Cal 40S (Winter '07)
AP Calculus AB ('06-'07)
AP Calculus AB ('07-'08)
Pre-Cal 40S (Fall '07)
Consumer Math 20S (Fall '07)

Dig in to each of those. Find the links to wikis, podcasts, buckets of links in, flickr, and don't forget to dig in to the outstanding work on display in The Scribe Post Hall Of Fame with contributions from more teachers than just I. Follow the links in blogrolls, get connected via twitter and find out of the daily innovations being made by teachers everywhere. I can't possibly list them all and, if you've looked, you can't possibly have missed them all. And don't overlook some of the excellent (and not so excellent) work done by students and published online as they work on Developing their Expert Voices. Their work is scattered far and wide across the net and aggregated here:

Developing Expert Voices (2007)
Developing Expert Voices (2008) (This site will continue to aggregate content through June 2008.)

Gary, what are you reading?

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