A Day In The Life

1/25/2008 08:13:00 am

On Tuesday I was invited to speak to Alec Couros' eCurriculum and Instruction class; EC&I 831. Alec is a great host. He has an easy comfortable manner and everything went off very smooth in eluminate.

When Alec first asked me to give this talk, a few months back, we discussed what form the presentation might take. After a bit of brainstorming I decided to continue the meme Clarence Fisher started, continued by Doug Belshaw and Dean Shareski, in his K12 Online Keynote presentation.

So, here is my riff on "A Day In The Life." The slides are below. Alec posted a summary of it on the course wiki and the full video and audio recording in Elluminate is available here ... I wonder if there's a way to capture the Eluminate recording in some sort of screencast format?

As always, your questions, concerns, compliments, complaints, confusions and comments are welcomed and encouraged. ;-)

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