Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Up To Speed" Interview


Whenever I drive to or from work I like to listen to CBC radio. On the way home I listen to Margaux Watt who hosts "Up To Speed". So on Friday, after my Extreme (web 2.0) Lesson Plan Makeover workshop I was a little chuffed to be interviewed by Margaux on her show.

A friend recorded it and sent me the audio file. It's only about five minutes long. While we were talking the podcast I do with my students, Student Voices, came up. Margaux suggested she might play one of those interviews on the radio. I don't know if that will ever happen, but if you listened to the show on the radio and came here looking for those podcasts you can find them here.

Two five minute talks in as many days ... I can say exactly two things about five minute talks:

(1) Five minutes is very short.

(2) Five minutes is very hard to do well.

Here are my five minutes on the radio:

Photo Credit: cbc at night by flickr user sashafatcat


Clarence Fisher said...
30/11/08 06:31  

You are a true rock star. Congratulations.

dkuropatwa said...
1/12/08 00:37  

Thanks. ;-) said...
26/1/09 19:29  

Congratulations, I agree with the post from Clarence. Thanks

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