Scribes Spreading

10/21/2009 07:28:00 pm

Thanks to some blog love from Roland I put together a small, inadequate list of how the scribing blog love is spreading; check out these wonderful teachers:

Chris Harbeck's class blog hub (innovator par excellence!)

Ryan Maksymchuk's suite of class blogs (more scribing class blogs than you can shake a stick at!)

Derrick Willard's class blog

Jim Homan's Cathoilic Morality wiki

Mr. Marti's precalculus class blog

Reversearp's (an alias I believe) precalculus class blog

Mrs. Everard's AP Calculus class blog

Image by dkuropatwa via Flickr

Every new day brings more new math (and non-math) bloggers. This is a small and woefully incomplete list. If I've failed to include your blog, or another one you know of, where the teacher has implemented the practice of having daily student authoured scribes please share it here in the comments.

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